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Future Developments?

While there is an existing monument to Barry's lost merchant sailors, there is little to put it in context and to explain the way of life that was the norm in previous generations. In short, the unique heritage of the town is in danger of being lost. There are some ways to prevent this (this web site is an attempt at one of them) and also some wonderful opportunities...

This picture shows an old steam locomotive, a visiting paddle steamer, the new Waterfront station and engine shed, a signboard "To the Innovation Quarter". All these surely show that there is some healthy enthusiasm for both the past and for future developments.

This image (from one of two photographs beautifully displayed in the foyer of Morrison's Supermarket on the Waterfront) shows some of the features of the dock. Firstly the central portion is "Number 1 Dock" showing the mole sweeping in from the left and pointing at a raft of ships moored in the middle of the dock - it was busy in those days! Bottom left is the outer harbour with a paddle steamer alongside the floating pontoon. Bottom right shows the dry dock, the lock and "The Basin" (Number 3 Dock).
Today, though the mole is derelict, the Dock Office (in the distance) is now used by the Vale of Glamorgan Council (Planning Dept.) and the popular Waterfront apartments make good use of the northern part of the site. The "PS Waverley" reminds us that the attractions of a pleasure cruise are growing.
These three photographs shows some of what is being done by the railway enthusiasts as they work to remind us all of our railway engineering heritage. They show respectively the new halt at the rear of Morrison's Supermarket car park, a view across that car-park to the moored "PS Waverley" and the "Waterfront" halt and Engine Shed. It seems that the management of this project has changed hands to Cambrian Transport Ltd. (Cambrianco).

Here the derelict hydraulic power shed still stands with its landmark tower. Nearby is the Heritage Skills Training Centre. I wonder just what gets taught there!

Once again the "Waverley", this time setting off on an excursion that was (to my mind) somewhat under-advertised. However, to the right in the not-too-distant background can be seen that distinctive tower of the old power shed.

The above brief survey shows some of the potential within Barry Waterfront to establish some sort of Town and Maritime Museum that will serve to inform people of what has been achieved, how it was achieved, and what it really cost. Possibilities include
  • A combined Heritage and Visitor Centre
  • An enhanced tribute to the Merchant Seamen of Barry
  • A history of Barry Dock (and thus the town)
  • Working models of the old dock machinery
  • Encouraging historic ships to visit
  • Restoration and mooring of real old ships
  • Interaction with heritage and national railway systems
  • Developing links to coal mining heritage efforts

The first picture above is of the disused show home for the waterfront housing. It has since been demolished.

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