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The SS Philipp M

The Philipp M is memorable not because she had Barry seamen serving on her, but because she was involved in saving some 2000 troops from the shores of France and landing them, we believe, at Barry. She also illustrates the involvement of small ships from South Wales in the Spanish Civil War prior to World War 2.

the Phillip M with hundreds of troops lining the rails

The Barry and District News stamp appears on the back of the photograph.



The Ship

Note that this ship was not in any way designed to go "deep sea". She was intended and equipped for coastal work only.

The SS Philipp M was built in 1924 (as the SS Halbeath)
Launch date: 19th April 1924
Completed: June 1924
Ship Design: arch deck, cruiser stern
Dimensions: Length: 275' (83.7m) Beam: 40' (12.2m) Tons: 2085
Builder: Burntisland SB, Burntisland

In the Spanish Civil War


In Operation Ariel


In World War 2